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Emailchaser lets you find almost anyone's email address, even if the email address that you are looking for isn't publicly available. Connect with more people and make more sales.




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Cold email sending software built for deliverability

Whether you are a solo-founder or 50 person sales team, we are the only sales software that you need to send cold emails. Emailchaser allows you to do the following:

Email Finder

Enter the name and website of someone, and our algorithm will find their email address. Find almost anyone's email address, even if the email that you are looking for isn't publicly available.

Find emails
LinkedIn Email Finder

Search for leads on LinkedIn. Then export these leads with their email addresses (even when their emails aren’t publicly visible). Convert any LinkedIn search into an email list.

Find emails from LinkedIn
Email Verifier

Verify if an email address is real and valid. Sending emails to invalid addresses will increase your bounce rate and hurt your deliverability score. Single email validator and bulk validation options are available.

Reduce your bounce rate

Send cold emails at scale by creating campaigns. Create email sequences with automatic follow-ups. You can control when your emails are sent and at what frequency. Our email sending software is built for deliverability.

Send cold emails
Sales CRM

Easy-to-use sales CRM software. Manage and track the status of your leads from one central place. Make notes about each lead for future reference. Simplify your process by keeping everything in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Simplify your sales process

Are you looking for an email warm-up feature? Read our article that explains why email warm-up tools can actually hurt your deliverability.

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Find leads and emails from LinkedIn

Use our LinkedIn Email Finder chrome extension to export leads and emails from your LinkedIn Sales Navigator searches.

LinkedIn doesn’t allow you to export leads or emails because they want you to pay for Sales Navigator InMail credits. Our extension allows you to bypass this.

Our extension also finds the email address for each lead, even if the email isn’t publicly available.

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Send cold emails with automatic follow-ups

Send cold emails by creating campaigns. You can choose to either send emails one at a time, or at scale by uploading a list of leads.

Increase your sales with automatic follow-up emails. Never forget to follow-up with a prospect again.

Add personalization with custom variables (First Name, Company Name etc).

Prospects are more likely to respond to personalized emails.

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Best in class outreach deliverability

Emailchaser was built with email deliverability being a priority. Our email sending software will ensure that your cold emails avoid spam folders.

When you send email campaigns with Emailchaser, our software gradually increases the number of emails sent per day, to minimize risk.

We also allow you to choose how many emails you send per day. If you send too many emails, then emaill service providers can mark your emails as spam.


Compliant with data privacy laws

Emailchaser is compliant with major data privacy laws & regulations, including:

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We are compliant with GDPR. This is important for businesses selling to the EU market.

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Compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act. Send cold emails without worrying.

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Privacy Shield Framework

We are compliant with Privacy Shield Framework in the US & EU, ensuring data is transferred securely.

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4x increase in positive responses and 2x increase in new monthly clients.

“Using Emailchaser has been one of the best decisions that we’ve made. We’ve been able to contact key decision makers in countless companies to bypass gatekeepers. Since bringing on Emailchaser, we’ve nearly doubled the number of new clients per month.”

Jay Mumtaz - Biz-Dev & Co-Founder @ Biizy

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