Send cold emails at scale by creating campaigns. Create email sequences with automatic follow-ups. Our email sending software is built for deliverability.


Name your campaign

After you click the “Create campaign” button, you can name it.

Naming your campaign something relevant will help you identify it


Select sender email accounts

Emailchaser allows you to connect an unlimited number of sender email accounts to a campaign.

This allows you to scale your sending volume without going to spam (inbox rotation).


Import leads

You can import leads from a .csv file to your campaign.

This allows you to send personalized cold emails to more than one lead at the same time.


Create sequence

Write the perfect cold email sequence.

You can add custom variables, automatic follow-up emails and a signature.


Launch your campaign

After you have reviewed your campaign details, you can launch it.

Emailchaser gradually builds up sending volume to prevent your cold emails from going to spam.

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