Send cold emails at scale by creating campaigns. Create email sequences with automatic follow-ups. Our email sending software is built for deliverability.


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Create a campaign

Inside your Emailchaser account, you can create a campaign. You can upload a .csv file of leads, and send email sequences to them with the click of a button.

You can control when your campaign sends emails. This includes at what time, time zone and days of the week (Monday to Friday only, for example).


Write your sequences

You can fully customize your email sequences. This includes the content of each email and the number of automatic follow-ups.

You can also add personalization with custom variables (First Name, Company Name etc). Prospects are more likely to respond to personalized emails.

We also use OpenAI’s GPT model (most recent version) to slightly change the content of your cold emails so that you aren't sending the exact same email too many times.


Stop sending emails when prospects reply

If a prospect replies to your email, we will automatically stop all scheduled follow-ups for this prospect.

Never worry about sending an embarrassing follow-up email after your prospect has already responded.

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