Sales CRM

Easy-to-use sales CRM software. Manage and track the status of your leads from one central place. Make notes about each lead for future reference.


Quickly see which leads are interested

Our Sales CRM allows you to quickly see which leads have responded and are interested.

You can also create custom columns. You can then move your leads into these columns based on where they are in your sales cycle.

Finally, you can see the entire conversation history for each lead, so you and your team will never make embarrassing mistakes when communicating with prospects.

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Make notes for each prospect

Never forget important details about your prospects. You can write and save custom notes for each lead with Emailchaser.

You may have key details that need to be saved for each lead. With Emailchaser, this is fast and easy.

Never make an embarrassing mistake again, and always remember what you last said and did with each lead.

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Share with your team

Share your CRM data with your colleagues. If you write notes about a specific lead in Emailchaser, your entire team can see these notes.

Everyone on your team can also see the status of each lead, and also which team member is assigned to each particular lead.

Collaborating with your team has never been easier. Forget the spreadsheets and work together in one central place.

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