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Find almost anyone's email address, even if the email address that you are looking for isn't publicly available. Connect with more people and make more sales.


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Our Email Finder finds 21% more email addresses than and other competitors.

We conducted a study to test the email finding accuracy of our Email Finder compared to’s email finder.

We also tell you where we find the email addresses, giving you the ability to make better informed decisions.

You can be confident that the email addresses that you find with our tool are real and accurate.

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Find emails in bulk

Upload a .csv file containing the names and domains of your leads, and we will return a spreadsheet containing all email addresses.

You still have the option to find emails one at a time with our standard tool, but uploading a .csv file is faster.

If you need to find hundreds, or even thousands of emails, then our bulk email finder tool is ideal.

You can start using our bulk email finder for free. Simply sign up for a free Emailchaser account, and get started!

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Compliant with data privacy laws

Emailchaser is compliant with major data privacy laws & regulations, including: GDPR, CCPA & Privacy Shield Framework.

You can safely use Emailchaser in your sales team and be 100% compliant.

Spend less time worrying and more time making sales.

Whether you are a company based in the US, Canada, Europe or elsewhere, you can safely use our Email Finder tool.

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Common questions about our Email Finder

Is our Email Finder free?

Yes, our Email Finder is free. You can search 25 emails per month for free when you sign up for a free account. We also have paid plans that go up to 2,500 searches per month per user.

How do you know that the emails are real?

All of the emails that we find are verified to be real. We display where we found the emails, so that you can know exactly where they are from.

What makes our Email Finder different?

Our Email Finder is the most accurate email finding tool on the market. We find 21% more emails than (alternative tool). We also tell you exactly how we find each email, so that you can act with full knowledge.

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