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Why do you need to verify emails?

If you send too many emails to invalid email addresses, then you will have a high bounce rate.

A high bounce rate will hurt your sender reputation score, meaning that email service providers such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo will send your emails to spam.

Use our free Email Verifier to validate email addresses before sending cold emails. This will reduce your bounce rate and keep your emails out of spam.

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Benefits of using our email checker tool

Verifying that the emails in your list are valid before sending cold emails will ensure that you have the following:

Low bounce rate

Good sender reputation score

Avoid spam

No duplicate emails

98% accurate email validation

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Verify emails in bulk

Our Email Verifier allows you to upload a list of emails and will then verify them all at once.

If you have thousands of email addresses that need to be verified, you can use our Email Verifier to remove duplicate emails and verify which are valid.

Save time with our bulk upload option.

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Common questions about our Email Verifier

Can you verify an email address for free?

The best way to verify an email address for free online is to use our free Email Verifier tool. Simply enter the email address into our tool and click the verify button.

Is this the best free tool to use to verify emails?

Emailchaser is the best free tool to verify emails. You can verify up to 50 emails for free per month with our Email Verifier tool. Our paid plans allow you to verify up to 5,000 emails per month.

Can you bulk verify emails?

Yes, our Email Verifier allows you to upload lists of emails for verification. Our tool will tell you which emails are valid, and will automatically remove duplicate emails.

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