The Best Cold Email Template For Agencies (Get Clients)

Updated April 2024

If you own an agency, and you are looking for a cold email template, then you are in the right place.

In this article, I will share the only cold email template that you need to acquire clients.

This template works for almost all types of agencies, including: SMMA, digital marketing, social media marketing, PR, consulting & SEO.

My template follows a proven 7-step framework:

1. Intro
2. State who you are and what you do
3. How does it work
4. Say why you are reaching out
5. Case study
6. Call to action
7. P.s. line

Pro Tip: Your email should be less than 100 words. Longer emails have a lower response rate.

screenshot showing cold email template for agencies

1. Intro

You need to immediately stand out from the crowd in your intro.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Mention your prospect’s first name. They will know that you are intentionally reaching out to them.

  2. Be concise and direct. If you tell your prospect that you value their time and that you’ll keep your email short, then they are more likely to take you seriously.

Below is the intro that you should use:

"Hi {first_name},

I know your time is valuable, so I’ll keep this short:"

screenshot showing step 1 for agency template

2. State who you are and what you do

The entire point of cold email is that you are reaching out to people that you haven’t spoken to before.

You need to give them some basic context about who you are and what you do.

Below is an example of this in action:

“- I’m the founder of AgencyX, which helps construction companies rank higher in Google.”

screenshot of step 2 in agencies template

3. How does it work

The most common reason why prospects don’t respond is because they don’t believe that you can do what you claim.

The best way to convince someone to take you seriously is to briefly explain how you are going to achieve results for them.

For example, if you tell a prospect that you help construction companies rank higher in Google, then you need to say how you do this. Otherwise, they won’t believe you.

Below is an example of this:

“- We do this by restructuring your website to ensure that you have a page for each keyword topic that you want to rank for.”

screenshot of step 3 in agencies template

4. Say why you are reaching out

Mentioning a specific reason why you are contacting a prospect is a good way to personalize your email.

If you can say something that is unique to that particular person, then he/she is more likely to respond to you because he/she will know that you aren’t sending the same message to thousands of people.

It’s important that your reason for reaching out is relevant to your offer.

Below is a good example of this:

“- I saw that your website doesn’t currently rank for “construction companies phoenix”.”

screenshot showing step 4 in agencies template

5. Case study

By default, your prospects won’t trust you.

In order to counter this, you must provide an impressive case study that is relevant to your offer.

Below is an example:

“- We have already worked with more than 120 construction companies across the US.”

screenshot showing step 5 in agencies template

6. Call to action

If you don’t make it extremely obvious what you want your prospect to do, then you won’t receive responses.

Most prospects don’t want to spend time thinking about how to respond to your email. If you can give them a simple choice between “yes” or “no”, then your response rate will skyrocket.

In this example, I ask the prospect if I can send over some additional information. They can either say yes or no. They do not need to think.

On a related note, most salespeople make the mistake of trying to get the prospect on a call in their first email. Prospects are busy, and don’t want to spend 30-minutes on the phone with you. Your call to action needs to be something that doesn’t cost your prospect time.

You should use the following call to action in your cold emails:

“Can I send over some additional information?


screenshot showing step 6 in agencies template

7. P.s. line

The final part of this framework involves using a P.s. line.

This does two things:

  1. It makes your email seem more personal, which will increase your response rate.

  2. It implements an effective strategy where you ask a top executive (Founder or CEO) to forward your email to the right person. When they forward your email, they are essentially transferring their authority to you, resulting in an almost guaranteed response from whoever receives your email.

Below is an example of this:

"P.s. If you aren’t the right person to talk to, then please forward this email to the correct person :)"

screenshot showing step 7 in agencies template

Frequently asked questions

Does cold email work for agencies?

Yes, cold email is a great way for agencies to acquire new clients. However, it only works if you send a personalized email with a great offer.

Which types of agencies does cold email work for?

Cold email works for almost all agency types, such as: SMMA, digital marketing, social media marketing, consulting & SEO.

Final thoughts

If you are an agency owner, and you want to send cold emails to acquire clients, then I recommend that you use my template below:

  1. Intro
  2. State who you are and what you do
  3. How does it work
  4. Say why you are reaching out
  5. Case study
  6. Call to action
  7. P.s. line

You should not use AI personalized first lines, as your prospects will know that your cold emails were AI generated. You can learn more about this in my article Should You Use AI Personalized First Lines When Sending Cold Emails?

I also recommend that you use Emailchaser to send your cold emails, as Emailchaser will help your emails land in the primary inbox (not spam).

Finally, I recommend that you spend time thinking about your outbound sales strategy. Many people in the cold email community promote the concept of high volume. This usually doesn’t work. Instead, a more targeted approach often works better.

The below tweet is from Brex’s ex-Chief Revenue Officer. In this tweet, he describes their most successful outbound sales campaign. They only contacted 300 companies, and they were able to close 169 as paying customers. You can potentially do something similar for your agency:

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