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Search for leads on LinkedIn. Then export these leads with their email addresses (even when their emails aren’t publicly visible). Convert any LinkedIn search into an email list.


Install our Google Chrome extension

Our Chrome extension is what allows you to export your LinkedIn searches.

It also automatically finds the email address for each lead and includes the found email addresses in the exported file.


Search for leads

Search for leads using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

You can use our extension with the normal version of LinkedIn, but we highly recommend that you use LinkedIn Sales Navigator as you will find more leads.


Export leads with emails

Export up to 2,500 leads at once from any LinkedIn Sales Navigator search query.

We automatically find the email address of each lead that you export, and include the found email addresses in the exported .CSV file.


Upload leads to your CRM

Upload your exported .CSV file to your CRM.

If you don’t already use a CRM, then consider using our Sales CRM. You can create custom columns and import leads with one click.

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