vs Emailchaser: Which Is Better? (2024)

Updated July 2024

Choosing the right cold email software can be difficult.

Instantly and Emailchaser are both popular options.

In this article, I compare them, and explain why Emailchaser is the superior choice.

I will cover the following:

- Feature comparison
- Pricing
- User experience (UI/UX)
- Final thoughts

Note: I am the founder of Emailchaser, so I am clearly biased; however, I will explain why Emailchaser is the right choice.

Feature comparison

Emailchaser has more features compared to Instantly.

Instantly doesn’t have a full Sales CRM, LinkedIn extension or Email Finder.

Instantly offers an email warm up feature, but I recommend that you don’t use it, since email warm up tools don’t work and can cause your emails to go to spam.

Additionally, your cold emails are more likely to go to the primary inbox with Emailchaser, since Emailchaser sends your emails as plain text by default.

You can learn how Emailchaser prevents your cold emails from going to spam in my article 10 Ways That Emailchaser Prevents Your Cold Emails From Going To Spam.

image showing a comparison table


Emailchaser's pricing is simple; there are only three plans: Free, Basic and Professional.

Instantly has a complicated pricing model, which becomes even more complicated when you add their lead finding tool.

Emailchaser only offers a monthly subscription, with no contracts. You can cancel anytime.

Emailchaser’s Professional plan has no limits; you can connect as many sender email accounts as you like, and send an unlimited number of emails each month.

image showing Emailchaser's pricing plans

User experience (UI/UX)

Instantly’s user interface is very complicated.

screenshot showing Instantly's dashboard

Emailchaser’s user interface is simple. You can be a complete beginner, and still navigate Emailchaser’s dashboard.

When you sign up for an Emailchaser account, you will see six onboarding boxes, recommending what you should do next. You can complete these onboarding tasks with no prior experience.

screenshot showing Emailchaser's dashboard

Additionally, when you create a campaign in Emailchaser, everything happens in a single flow. This is much simpler compared to Instantly, where you have to navigate between multiple different tabs to launch a campaign.

screenshot showing create campaign flow in Emailchaser

Final thoughts

Emailchaser is much easier to use compared to Instantly.

Instantly became popular as they were the first tool to offer unlimited email sending accounts, however, now that the market has caught up, their poor UI/UX is costing them users.

I recommend that you read my article Does Email Warm Up Work & Is It Necessary? In this article, I explain why you shouldn’t use email warm up features that companies like Instantly promote.

You may also be interested in my other article 12 Best Alternatives For Cold Email.

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