Smartlead vs Emailchaser: Which Is Better? (2024)

Updated July 2024

Smartlead and Emailchaser are both popular cold email tools.

However, they are not equal.

In this article, I’ll compare the two platforms, and let you know which is best for launching cold email campaigns.

I’ll cover the following:

- Feature comparison
- Pricing
- User experience (UI/UX)
- Final thoughts

Note: I’m the founder of Emailchaser, but I will still compare both tools objectively.

Feature comparison

Emailchaser has more features than Smartlead.

Smartlead has a well developed email sending feature, which includes inbox rotation and spintax. However, it doesn’t offer a sales CRM or lead finder, meaning that you still need to use other tools.

Emailchaser offers everything you need to launch a successful cold email campaign.

If you use Emailchaser, then you can cancel your other subscriptions and do everything in one place.

Additionally, Emailchaser has an OpenAI integration that automatically rewrites each email sent, so that no two emails are identical; this is superior to spintax. Smartlead doesn’t offer this.

Finally, Smartlead offers a warm up feature, but email warm up tools don’t work and can hurt your deliverability.

image of a comparison table


Emailchaser offers a free plan, whereas Smartlead does not.

Additionally, Smartlead limits the number of emails that you can send each month, whereas Emailchaser doesn’t.

Emailchaser’s most advanced plan (Professional plan) costs $97 USD / month.

Smartlead’s most advanced plan starts at $174 USD / month.

image showing Emailchaser's pricing plans

User experience (UI/UX)

Emailchaser’s user interface is very easy to use.

Smartlead’s dashboard is complicated and not intuitive.

One of the reasons that Emailchaser’s user experience is better is because when you create a campaign in Emailchaser, everything is in a single flow.

When you click the “Create campaign” button in Emailchaser, you are taken through a very simple step by step flow until you launch your campaign. This means that you cannot get stuck, because all you need to do is click “Next” until you’ve launched your campaign.

screenshot showing create campaign flow in Emailchaser

This is very different from Smartlead’s campaign creation process, which has no obvious sequence of steps, and requires you to go between different sections of the dashboard. Smartlead is not beginner friendly.

screenshot showing Smartlead's campaign creation flow

Final thoughts

Emailchaser is the superior cold email sending tool.

Emailchaser allows you to do everything in one place. It’s also easier to use.

If you use Smartlead, then you still need to use other tools to find leads and manage responses.

Additionally, Smartlead offers unproven features like “email warm up” that can negatively impact your deliverability.

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George Wauchope

Founder of Emailchaser.

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