40 Best Cold Email Subject Lines For B2B Sales (2024)

Updated March 2024

"Quick Question" is dead.

This subject line has been overused and isn't effective anymore.

Your subject line should include your prospect's first name (or company name), and either ask a question or makes a relevant statement.

I recommend that you make your subject line sound conversational (not promotional), and it shouldn't be misleading.

In this article, I will cover the 40 best subject lines that you can use in your next cold email campaign:

1. Question for {company_name}

I usually use "Question for {company_name}" as my go to subject line as this has the highest open rate.

I've had 90% plus open rates using this particular subject line.

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2. [Company Name]

Writing just the name of the prospect’s company with no other context will create a sense of curiosity. This will lead to a higher open rate.

3. Idea for [Company Name]

Any time you mention the name of a prospect’s company, they are likely to open your email. This subject line can be used in a variety of ways.

4. [Your First Name] x [First Name]

Writing your first name and the prospect’s first name, with an “x” in between has a high open rate.

5. [First Name] - thoughts?

This is short and sweet. It triggers curiosity from the prospect, which leads to a high open rate.

6. [First Name] - is now a good time?

This is another example of a subject line that is vague and thus triggers enough curiosity to get the open.

7. [Company Name] - TikTok?

This can work well for agencies that are selling services related to TikTok.

Most companies don't often receive emails about TikTok, so you will stand out when they see this subject line in their inbox.

8. Inquiry about [Company Name]

Most prospects will open an email if the subject line is about their company. The risk of losing real business is too great to ignore.

9. [Competitor Name]

If you mention a prospect's competitor, then they are likely to open your email out of curiosity.

They will know that you are a real person as you have done a certain amount of research to know who their competitor is.

10. Alternative to [Company Name]

This subject line makes the prospect want to know if there is a superior alternative to their company. This will get a high open rate.

11. [Company Name] - relevant?

Simply writing the company name of the prospect will create curiosity. This works best when emailing smaller companies.

12. Can we work together?

This is an open-ended subject line which has a high open rate.

You don't want to give too much away in the subject line, otherwise the prospect is less likely to open your email.

13. [First Name] - is now a good time?

Combining the prospect's first name with a question is a great way to guarantee a high open rate.

14. Suggestion About [topic that prospect cares about]

If you research your prospect, you can mention a topic that is relevant; this will ensure that your cold emails get opened.

15. Possible collaboration?

This subject line creates curiosity which results in a high open rate.

16. Does [prospect's company] Need [service that you offer]?

This is very direct, but sometimes being direct helps you stand out from the crowd.

17. Thinking About [Competitor Name]

Most prospects will read this subject line and want to open your email out of sheer curiosity.

You can mention what their competitor is doing successfully, and then pitch the prospect on doing something similar.

18. Issue with [something that the prospect is doing wrong]

You can highlight a problem with the prospect's company, and then offer a solution to such problem.

19. Who can I speak to about [insert topic]

This doesn't sound like a sales pitch. It sounds like a genuine inquiry. This will result in a high open rate.

20. Interview request

If you request to interview the prospect, then they are likely to open your email.

Most people don't get asked to be interviewed, so you will stand out with this subject line.

21. Hey [First Name]

Simple & effective. This will get open rates of at least 60%.

22. [Your Company] + [Prospect's Company] = 🔥

Most people don't use emojis in their subject lines. You will stand out from the crowd with this.

23. Partnership opportunity for [Company Name]

There are many types of partnerships which will create curiosity with the prospect. This will lead to a high open rate.

24. [Common Connection] mentioned that we should connect

This is similar to a previously mentioned subject line. Prospects are more likely to open your email if you mention someone that they know.

25. Congrats on [event]

Mention an event that the prospect was recently involved with.

This shows that you are a real person because you did research to know about a relevant event.

26. A few tips for [Prospect's Company]

Most prospects are open to feedback so will be incentivized to open your email.

27. Can I help [Prospect's Company]?

Most people will open an email with this subject line because you are directly mentioning their company.

28. [First Name] - Follow up

This is a great subject line to use when following up with a prospect.

29. Checking in again

Similar to the previous subject line, this is a good subject line to use when following up with a prospect.

Always follow up with prospects at least twice. The first follow up can be 5 days after the initial email. The second follow up can be two weeks after the initial email.

30. Feedback needed

This creates a sense of urgency which usually leads to a high open rate.

31. You're Invited

Most people don't receive many invitations. This will cause the prospect to open your email due to curiosity.

32. This Friday

This is very specific and unusual, which are two things that lead to a high open rate in subject lines.

33. Introduction

This is simple and straightforward. This doesn't have the highest open rate, but still works well.

34. Check this out [First Name]

This subject line is casual and mentions the prospect's first name. This makes you seem genuine and not spam.

35. I'll reach out another time

This is suitable for your final follow up email. It implies that you are leaving for now, but you'll reach out again at a better time for the prospect.

36. Solution to [challenge]

Identify a challenge that your prospect faces in their business, and then present a solution.

37. [First Name]

Mentioning only the prospect’s first name will cause them to open your email as it doesn’t sound promotional.

38. [First Name] - is this of interest?

This can be used in a wide variety of B2B sales emails.

39. Quick intro

This is short and snappy. The vagueness makes most prospects open.

40. [First Name], let's connect

This can work well, especially when you are trying to establish a relationship with someone that you don't already know.

Tips to write good subject lines for cold emails

  • Short subject lines > long subject lines.
  • Personalize by including the name of the prospect.
  • Avoid spammy and promotional words. Make it sound conversational.
  • Follow the advice in this article and you will do great!

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What is a good subject line for a cold email?

"Question for {company_name}" is the best subject line in my experience.

It has a very high open rate of more than 90% and works in almost all scenarios.

What subject lines have the highest open rates?

"Question for {company_name}" is the best subject line with the highest open rate of more than 90%.

There are scenarios where a different subject line may work slightly better, but in general, you should use this subject line. You don't need to reinvent the wheel. The quality of your leads and your deliverability will also impact your open rate.

Frequently asked questions

Should you include the name of the prospect in your subject line?

Yes, you should include your prospects' name in your cold email subject lines. This will increase your open rate.

Is Quick Question still a good subject line?

No, Quick Question is overused and not effective anymore. It has a low response rate as prospects assume you are trying to sell them something.

Final thoughts

The best subject line for cold email is "Question for {company_name}".

I have had open rates of more than 90% using this subject line.

Although your subject line is important, your lead quality and deliverability are equally as important.

I recommend that you use our LinkedIn Email Finder to find relevant leads and their emails.

I also recommend that you send your cold email campaigns using Emailchaser, since it helps your emails land in the primary inbox (not spam).

Finally, you should read my article How To Write A Cold Email That Gets Responses.

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